After getting to know one another, learning about what rideshare platforms are doing behind the scenes and developing a strategy that will help us to build power the drivers and their supporters of the RDCQ are now ready for action.

We know that drivers are doing it tough, working long hours and not getting much reward for it. We know that the industry is growing with more drivers on the road and overall fewer gigs available for everyone. The platforms that have brought innovation and convenience to transport have brought us freedom and flexibility in our work. But they have also done this by steamrolling over any regulations and by rejecting the social tradition we take pride for here in Australia of paying people fairly.

We intend to grow our membership by having real conversations with drivers at petrol stations, fast food restaurants, in the streets and at the community events that they attend. We will share our vision for our potential collective power if we are able to unite together and take action that demonstrates the power of workers acting together. Be it serving coffee to drivers on a Saturday night in Fortitude Valley or speaking at the Mosques, Temples and Churches that drivers attend around Brisbane we will find ways to build the relationships and communities of drivers needed to build an organisation of solidarity and mutual aid.

All over the world change has been building momentum in so many ways. It started in places like Barcelona where the local government banned Uber and helped taxi drivers to set up their own platform co-operative. Then in New York and London, driver protests led to Uber being banned, pay for drivers increasing and new regulations being introduced. Most recently thousands of drivers have been protesting in Los Angeles to oppose the slashing of pay rates in the area. It is clear that when drivers stand up, work together and demand change it can actually happen.

Here in Queensland we are very lucky in that we have been supported by some great local community organisations and Unions. The Community Initiatives Resources Association has auspiced us which gives us the ability to use their ABN and insurance. In addition, the Transport Workers Union has shown true solidarity by providing printing, design, training and general campaign support to us as we get started. Their support will be crucial as we endeavour in the long term to develop a platform co-operative model that works hand in hand with the TWU to provide member services like insurance, legal support, fair pay and conditions whilst also delivering a convenient and professional transport service to the community.

Over the coming months we are going to be getting out into the streets, recruiting members, developing member services and campaigning for change. We envision a future where rideshare driving is a decent job where you can get paid fairly while still enjoying freedom as to when you choose to drive and where. We know that we have a long way as an organisation to go and that there is so much policy change that will be needed on so many levels but we are excited to start the journey