Make Rideshare Driving Safe. It’s time to cap drivers.

We call on the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Transport Minister Mark Bailey to cap rideshare and taxi driver authorities now and to regulate them to ensure the safety of our roads and security of adequate work for drivers.

#MakeRideshareSafe #CapDrivers

Rideshare and Taxi drivers have been struggling for a long time but because of the increasing numbers of drivers competing for a limited number of jobs and clogging our streets. The Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Queensland is calling on the Queensland Government to take action and cap the number of drivers authorities distributed to rideshare and taxi drivers alike. Unless licences are capped rideshare and taxi driving will become an increasingly unsafe industry because drivers will be forced to work longer and longer hours in order to earn enough to survive. This is a public safety problem because it means that more than the necessary numbers of drivers are congesting our roads and are increasingly overworked and more at risk of fatigue.

Please sign this petition and share it with your networks explaining how this is important to you but also how this should be important to anyone who cares about the safety of our roads and the fairness of pay drivers receive. 

Together we can make driving a safer and more secure profession.

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