It’s time to #MakeRideshareSafe

It has gone far enough. It is time to fight back.

The major industry player currently takes 22 to 27.5% commission from every fare that rideshare drivers work for and it is leaving drivers underpaid and overworked. Beyond this, the majority of the profits made by this are funnelled back to overseas investors leaving both drivers and Australia’s economy at a loss. Rideshare drivers are some of the lowest paid workers in the country and their conditions are only getting worse as rideshare platforms endeavour to squeeze as much profit out of their long hours working as possible. The State and Federal Governments have the power to make this change and improve the living and working condition of thousands of drivers around Queensland with the stroke of a pen.

We are rideshare drivers calling on the State and Federal Governments to Change the Rules to make Rideshare driving safe. For drivers and all workers in the gig economy, we want basic work rights including fair pay, superannuation, workers compensation, the right to negotiate together for a better deal and to access to unfair dismissal laws that extend to other employees under our current laws. Without these basic conditions, rideshare drivers are forced to work overtime just to make ends meet which makes the work unsafe for them and for the public. The Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Queensland are calling all rideshare drivers to get involved in this campaign so that we can make rideshare safe. We are also calling on gig workers to get organised and get involved in this campaign to change the rules.

This election make sure your vote stands up for rideshare drivers!