The Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Queensland (RDCQ) is a democratic organisation working to unify and benefit rideshare drivers in Australia. We are organised drivers demanding the universal work rights necessary to make rideshare driving fair and safe. By standing together, we can build power to negotiate a better deal and work towards setting up a driver owned platform co-operative.

We cannot do this unless we are united. We need drivers from all over Queensland to join us as members and get involved in our campaigns for fair pay and conditions.

Member benefits:

  • Mutual aid and driver community events
  • Organised campaigns for better conditions
  • Negotiated member discounts and benefits
  • Participation in the set up of our rideshare platform co-operative


If you are not a driver you can still sign up as a solidarity member. Or if you just want to support our campaigns please sign up here to be on our email list.

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